We continously work on our OLED Shop and would like to offer all relevant components for OLED lighting in the future. At the moment we can't offer accessories for OLED modules in our store. We are however glad to offer you contacts or sources which can help you in this regard.

Some OLED modules can, according to the manufacturers, be used optimally with specific drivers and power supplies. The manufactureres of the modules we offer have provided us with the following information regarding which drivers can be used.

A list of accessory parts is shown below:

Manufacturer Model / link to product Dimming For OLED Quantity Modules
ARDITI SCHEDA OLED 8X360MA 0-10V / DALI Brite 1 1-8
ARDITI ALED A OLED 360MASP/BL none Brite 1 1
TCI Minijoled 0-10V Brite 1, Brite 2, KANEKA 1
Thomas Research Products LED20W-48-C0350D 0-10V Brite 1 1
Thomas Research Products LED12W-48-C0250-D 0-10V Brite 2 1
Cita Technologies CPWLD 14-36U-035 0-10V Brite 1 1
Cita Technologies BPWXLD 6-26U-026 0-10V Brite 2 1
The presented products of third parties /manufacturers which can be used for OLEDWorks OLEDs are not sold by OLED Shop. OLED Shop does not sell any of these products from third parties / manufacturers and therefore offers no liability for personal or material damage. Furthermore OLED Shop does not offer quotes for the listed products of third parties /manufacturers and does not offer a warranty or liability, neither in combination with the offered products.